New Perspectives on Foreign Language Learning 3: Language Learning with Parsed Corpora [Prof. Alastair Butler]

English Lounge is happy to announce the third English Lounge Forum: New Perspectives on Foreign Language Learning.

Title: Learning English with a treebank/parsed corpusSpeaker: Alastair Butler (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Date: June 17
Place: English Lounge and Teams

A corpus is a large database made up of samples from a language.  A parsedcorpus is a corpus with linguistic analysis added to the data.  The kindsof analysis added can be quite varied, but analysis often takes theform of syntactic trees.A parsed corpus with syntactic trees is called a treebank.  Treebanks ofquality and size are extremely costly to create and entry restrictionsare normally imposed.  But when you can participate, there is a lot ofvalue to be found.  For starters you can explore the sample data, but thereal power comes from being able to search the linguistic analysis thataccompanies the language data, which brings together related instancesof language use.This talk will tell you about a treebank/parsed corpus for Englishthat you can access, not least because it is being created atHirosaki University.  Also it can be found on the internet, from  Use of this corpus will be connected tosuggestions for improving your English skills.