Multimedia room

  • Use for group work and presentation preparation
  • PCs for personal work
  • Movies / TV dramas (Wide range of genres) to watch
Recommended usage

  • Be aware that you are learning English and watch actively
  • Compare English audio with Japanese subtitles
  • Summarize the content of the story
  • Write notes about the characters, their roles in the story, etc.
  • Write down English subtitles and practice dialogue with your friends
  • Write what you would do if you are one of the characters
  • Watch repeatedly, turning on and off subtitles or switching between English and Japanese subtitles



“Even if you don’t really like English, you can have fun learning in the EL. We lend out English translations of manga, and you can watch foreign TV and movies on the computers. You don’t need to prepare anything in advance, just stop on by!”

EL Receptionist

This room can also be used to practice group presentations. You can practice multiple presentations without hesitation while displaying Power Point etc. on the large screen.