EL本棚紹介 (38) Ghosts, by Raina Telgemeier

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Have you seen the movie Coco (リメンバー・ミー) about the Mexican festival of the dead? If you enjoy that world or are interested in Mexican culture, you should look at Ghosts. This is the story of Catrina and her sister Maya moving to a new town in California. Maya is very sick, and Catrina tries to care for her and be a responsible big sister. But they are both children, and it is very difficult.

What happens when they find out that everyone in their new neighborhood is obsessed with ghosts? And what happens when they find out that the ghosts are real? Don’t worry—nothing scary happens: the answer is just a weird, fun, and sometimes heartwarming little story. This is a light read with a fun art style, and definitely is worth your time.

My two cents: A very little bit of the dialogue is written in Spanish, and there is some Mexican culture from this book, so some of it might be unfamiliar to you. That’s a good thing—you can learn something as you read.