EL本棚紹介(67) Superman: Earth One, by Shane Davis

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Everyone knows the name “Superman.” Maybe you have seen a movie or read a comic about him saving Earth. What makes Superman: Earth One special is that it looks at superman as an alien. A lot of people forget that he comes from outer space. In this book, Superman comes in a spaceship and is followed by aliens who attack the earth. Instead of thinking being a story about humans, (in some ways) it is more like a story about aliens.

“Superman” is a classic American superhero comic. The Earth One series uses very modern art and rewrites the classic stories in interesting ways. This book has some difficult “science fiction language” (and real science language), but you can follow the story by looking at the pictures and reading whatever you can understand. Also, there are several “flashbacks” – scenes that go back to Superman’s childhood – and scenes with different groups of characters, so there are good places to take breaks (in other words, good 区切り).

My two cents: I think the art in this kind of comic is interesting. Compare it with Japanese manga and also with the other Superman comics in the English Lounge.