EL本棚紹介(49) Time for Kids: The Amazing Fact and Puzzle Book, by Jeff O’Hare

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Although this book is “for kids,” it still may be good for you to read. There are pages about science (biology, environment, animals, scientific history), popular culture (movies, animation, music), sports (baseball, football, Olympics), US states, and more. Each topic is only two pages long, including photographs and puzzles, so you can read the whole section very quickly. Also, although the language is not very difficult, there are good explanations of some science vocabulary as well as some interesting slang.

This is not a book to read every single page: read what looks interesting and skip everything else. It is a good book to practice your “English habit,” too. Making a habit of using English every day or every other day is a great way to learn. One way of making your English habit is to decide to read one page in this book every morning, for example, while eating breakfast. It’s not too difficult, but it will support your English learning a lot.

My two cents: The puzzles in this book are very easy for a native speaker. However, understanding the instructions to a puzzle—even a very easy one—is actually very good English practice, too!

TIME For Kids The Amazing Fact and Puzzle Book: The Editors of TIME for ...