EL本棚紹介(48) Disney Trivia from the Vault, by Dave Smith

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“The Vault” is an imaginary place where Disney locks away all of its knowledge and intellectual properties. Sometimes they used to take old movies “out of the vault” and play them in theaters again. That is how I was able to see Snow White in a movie theater when I was a child. This book is full of “insider” or “lost” information about everything Disney, written by an archivist (like a librarian) from the vault.

The book is basically what you think it is. Lots of people sent questions to the author, and he goes through answering them with his special knowledge. If you are interested in the history or trivia about Disney (Walt Disney, movies, theme parks, or anything else), you might like this book. You will probably not read every page, or even full pages. Instead, practice skimming and scanning for questions about things you are interested in, and just read those.

My two cents: It might be fun to read this book with a friend.