EL本棚紹介 (45) I Left My Sneakers in Dimension X, by Bruce Coville

[Welcome to the EL Book Introductions series. These posts are all short (<180 words) introductions/reviews of books in the EL library. They focus on telling you what we think will be interesting for you, a college student and English learner, so use them to help you find the right book for you. You can also use the tags to find books about topics you might be interested in.]


This book continues the story started in Aliens Ate My Homework (although you don’t need to read that one first to understand the story). This time, Rod Allbright is joined by his cousin Elspeth and their alien friends on an adventure in Dimension X, a strange world with shape-changing aliens and giant monsters. It not only contains a whole new adventure, but it builds the relationships between the characters and develops some of the themes introduced in the first book.

What makes this book interesting, especially for language learners, is the description of the different alien environments. Dimension X is not a “snow planet” or a “volcano planet,” etc., like you see in so many movies and video games. The environments are very creative, and you must use your imagination as you read. Of course, there are some pictures to help!

My two cents: This is another great book for extensive reading (多読), although I think the final twist on the last page ruins the story a bit.