EL本棚紹介(19)The Sandman: The Dream Hunters, by Neil Gaiman, adapted by P. Craig Russel

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The Sandman is a long and difficult series of comics that changed the comics industry, BUT…The Dream Hunters is NOT that. It is short and easy to read. The Dream Hunters is like a fairy tale or mukashi banashi. It is set in Japan and tells the story of a fox, a monk, and an Onmyōji. It starts with a tanuki and fox trying to trick the monk. Later, the fox falls in love with the monk, and must battle the Onmyōji to save his life.

When a comic is about dreams and magical foxes, sometimes it can get a little confusing (read The Sandman if you want to read about some crazy weird dreams!) There are some small parts of this story that may be hard to follow, but it is mostly not too difficult.

My two cents: Pick this up if you want to read a mukashi banashi written by a British person and drawn in a comic-book style.