EL Competition 2022 優勝: “Joint” Adventure: A Fun and Effective Way to Build Up Your Body and Vocabulary Simultaneously, by K.A.

If your academic supervisor were to ask you to significantly improve your TOEFL score, increase the amount of muscle in your thighs, and defeat an evil dragon trying to conquer the world, all within one semester, you would probably protest that such a request is extremely unfair and irrational, even if offered all your course credits for graduation with the highest grades.

However, there is only one way to possibly complete all these tasks at once comfortably. Play a fitness video game with the language settings set to English!
I have played the fitness video game “Ring Fit Adventure” by Nintendo for both maintaining my health and learning English. You use a ring-shaped controller and go through an RPG-style fantasy adventure by running, stretching, and strength training in your room.
By playing in English, you encounter various expressions from different genres in the game instructions and characters’ dialogues, full of technical terms and slang. They include not just expressions of body parts and movements, but also those of food, clothing, and fantasy things. The biggest advantage is that while enjoying the gameplay you’ll find yourself picking up new vocabulary without even realizing it.
Also important is the fact that the typical style of language learning where you sit in front of a desk for long hours poses health risks. In this respect, the learning-while-exercising method allows you to avoid risking your health, and even promote it in a more entertaining environment.
Furthermore, you can also benefit from the in-game feature to share your progress and compete with friends and family. It is well known that working on things together with others helps you keep yourself motivated.
Incorporating the “joint” approach into your English study routine can be a fun and effective way to build up your body and English skills.