EL Competition 2022 奨励賞: Why Are You Learning English? by ABE Tatsumi

Why are you learning English? How would you answer this question?
Some may have clear answers, such as “to watch foreign movies without subtitles,” or “to speak with locals when traveling abroad,” while others may not be able to give satisfactory answers themselves.
The answer to this question is, of course, different depending on the person. We will probably conclude that it is important for each person to find the meaning of learning English, which will greatly help them learn.
In this blog, I would like to introduce the following two TED Talks to anyone who is struggling with the meaning and purpose of learning English.

1. The secrets of learning a new language (Lýdia Machová)

2. 4 reasons to learn a new language (John McWhorter)

These two TED Talks are so well known that you may have already seen them. However, when I saw this video, I suddenly realized that it is okay to learn English because it’s “fun”.
I’m sure that some of you have had at least one experience where learning English was “fun”. I was so happy when I understood what Michelle was saying in my favorite sitcom “Full House,” and I still remember how much enjoyment I got from talking about “One Piece” with people from other countries.
Learning English is “fun”. We should take in the little “fun” that comes from learning English. That is more than enough motivation for us to learn English, and that is probably what will be important when we learn English.