EL Competition 2022 奨励賞: Enjoy and learn English with movies! by OTA Izumi

I recommend watching some movies in English. I believe we can learn many words and phrases in the movies. we also can enjoy its story. I introduce my 3 favorites in a ranking format.
No.3 is “The devil wears Prada” (2006). The main character is Andy, an unrefined girl. She starts working in a publisher of famous fashion magazine. She grows up there by her very strict boss. She is an unreasonable woman. However, Andy put up with it and turns sophisticated through her hard job. I was excited about how she grows and becomes a nice woman.
No.2 is “Aladdin”. As you know, this is a famous Disney movie. I would like to recommend you live-action version (2019). First of all, I really like the beautiful songs in this movie. If you like singing, I think it is a good way to improve your English. Especially “A whole new world” is one of the best scenes in my mind. Aladdin and Jasmine take a trip on their magic carpet and sing a song while looking at the beautiful night scenery of Agrabah. In addition, almost all of Disney songs are easy to understand, and they are not too fast. So, I really recommend you this.
Finally, No.1 is “The greatest showman” (2017). I watched it for the first time when I was a high school student and I love it. So, I have watched it many times until now. This is the biography, musical film. I love their songs, actors, actress, and the encouraging story. The main character, P.T.Barnum manages his small circus, and it grows in his town. However, he has to overcome many troubles such as discrimination, prejudice and so on. The characters build trust and become good friends each other. I should stop telling you the story, so not to spoil all the fun. Anyway, you should watch this!
I think these 3 and any other movies will help our learning English. And I hope you will like my favorites!