EL本棚紹介(62) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, by Akira Himekawa

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One of the first video games I remember playing when I was a child was The Legend of Zelda on the NES (American Famicon). When the Nintendo 64 came out, Ocarina of Time was one of my favorite games. This book, originally a Japanese manga, tells the story of Ocarina of Time with a lot of action, humor, and heart. It is not the exact same as the game, but it is pretty close.

The story moves by very quickly, and each chapter is very short. It is very easy to read: the story is simple and the language is not very difficult. However, because this was originally a Japanese manga, the speech bubbles (吹き出し) go from right to left. You will get used to it after reading a few pages. Although there is no deep story or complicated characters, this book is probably fun for anyone who likes light fantasy novels or the Zelda video game series.

My two cents: This book is very “light.” The characters are mostly goofy and fun, so even though there are “serious” parts to the story, it never feels heavy or dark.