EL本棚紹介 (43) Everything You Need to Ace Biology… (Matthew Brown) and Everything You Need to Ace Chemistry… (Jennifer Swanson)

[Welcome to the EL Book Introductions series. These posts are all short (<180 words) introductions/reviews of books in the EL library. They focus on telling you what we think will be interesting for you, a college student and English learner, so use them to help you find the right book for you. You can also use the tags to find books about topics you might be interested in.] _______ I am old compared to you, and it’s been a long, long time since I have studied science. I was surprised by how much in these books was different from what I learned in high school! Where Everything You Need to Ace Science… is aimed at middle school students, these two books are high-school level. HOWEVER, while the science content gets more difficult, the language is surprisingly friendly. The whole point of these books is to make science easy to understand. For that reason, all of the difficult science words have definitions. There are also pictures and charts to help you understand the English. If you are interested in studying English seriously, I recommend Everything You Need to Ace Biology…. This is because vocabulary words are often introduced with explanations of their Greek and Latin roots (e.g. bio = “life,” logi = “logic” or study; therefore “biology” = “study of life”). Also, there are short quizzes in all of these books, so you can check your learning progress. My two cents: I think that these are excellent resources if you are going to study science as a graduate student. Highly recommended!