EL本棚紹介 (41) Time for Kids: Ready, Set, Write!, by Time for Kids

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You have probably heard of Time magazine because it is very famous around the world. Well, Time also makes interesting and easy to read books called Time for Kids. Even though this book is “for kids,” it actually has a lot of really good writing tips.

When I teach academic writing, I talk about brainstorming and prewriting, topic sentences, proofreading, etc. This book teaches all of the same topics using simple language and examples. There are sections on non-fiction writing (like writing essays for class), and also fiction (stories), poetry, newspaper reporting, and more. I think any English student could learn something useful from the Section 1: Prewriting pages about “choosing a topic” and the Section 2: Drafting pages about “nonfiction writing.”

My two cents: You do NOT have to read every page in this book. Find the topics that look useful for YOU and read those first.