EL本棚紹介(26) All-Star Superman, by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, and Jamie Grant

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Everyone knows Superman. If you want to know about American culture, you have to know a little about Superman. He was born on the planet Krypton, came to Earth as a baby, and grew up to protect the innocent from evil villains. He can fly, shoot heat lasers from his eyes, is super strong, and cannot be hurt by almost anything. Everyone on Earth loves Superman because he is a symbol of what how great humans can be.

So, what happens when Superman gets cancer? What happens when he only has 12 months to live? That is the basic idea behind All-Star Superman. These 12 short stories each tell about a different adventure Superman has before a special disease(?) takes over his body. It is a famous comic book, and there are some really nice stories in it. However, I think some of the stories might be confusing because they are full of characters you are expected to know from other comics already.

My two cents: I recommend just finding one “chapter” that looks interesting and reading it first. Most chapters are full stories in themselves, and they are not very long. If you like it, you can always read more.