EL Competition 2022: My Best Friend From Italy, TAKAHASHI Koga

I will introduce my best friend who came from Italy. His name is Alessandro. I call him Ales. As I found out later, “Ales” means “wing” in Latin. As his name suggests, he is a cool and kind man. And I like his smile very much. However sadly, he is leaving Hirosaki in February. That is why I decided to try to write about him.
One day, I asked Ales what bring him learning Japanese. He told me about his background. He originally studied biology at his university. But he found it difficult and went to US for three months to study English. And then, he worked as a waiter in Luxembourg, or one of the richest countries in the world! After that, he returned to Italy and worked in a restaurant. However, Ales, who does karate and who is interested in Japanese culture, finally made a decision to start studying Japanese. And now, he is here. He was able to come to Hirosaki University.
Through Ales’ story, I realized the importance of the ability to do what you want. I also found that taking on challenges helps you experience many things and enriched your life. Like Ales, I will try as many things as I can. And I would like to improve myself through various experiences. Ultimately, I will convey the joy of trying something to others.