Seminar – Wednesday

12:00 – 13:00 | Joshua Lee Solomon | TOEFL Vocabulary Bootcamp  

This class focuses on vocabulary learning as a skill. Students will be introduced to important vocabulary words from the TOEFL test and practice reading, studying, and using them according to several different learning techniques, such as using images and finding word roots.


14:30 – 15:30 | Brian Birdsell | Discussing Current Events

In this seminar, you will learn more about various current event topics from reading news articles (sports, politics, business, lifestyle, travel, etc). We will use these articles to improve your reading skills, vocabulary, and deepen your knowledge of world events. Learning about current events provides people with topics to discuss and share with other people, thus you will also gain opportunities to improve your communication skills.


16:00 – 17:00 | Brian Birdsell | Medical English: Human Cognition

In this seminar, students will explore the human mind:  how we think, how we learn, how we can use language, and how we are conscious of ourselves. We will use various academic fields to explore this topic including  evolutionary psychology, cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience, neuroeducation, AI, and creativity studies. The goal is to learn more about what makes humans unique.


17:40-18:30 | Reik Jagno | Meet Europe – Cultural and Historical views | Online

When you interact with another language, it means that you are also interacting with the culture that speaks the language. Learning the vocabulary and grammar represent only one aspect of this process. Europe’s cultural heritage is a fascinating and diverse collection of cultural and creative expressions. In this class, we will look at unique cultural elements or historical events of different European countries. Students can ask for specific topics of their own interests, and we will look into what elements make Europe unique.