Seminar – Tuesday

12.00-13.00 | Reik Jagno | Lunch Talk – Present and Past Topics

Lunchtime, the perfect time to enjoy your bento and have a conversation in a relaxed environment. Feel free to bring up your own topic and train your English skills.


14.30-15.30 | Megumi Tada | Basic TOEFL Readings 

We use the TOEFL Reading part passages to read and understand the content thoroughly. It’s not scanning or skimming, but we take time to read the passage for understanding. Beginner level students are welcome. Let’s take a first step to tackle with this hard exam together!


16.00-17.00 | Brian Birdsell | TOEFL Listening Practice

In this seminar, students will have the chance to improve their listening skills using TOEFL practice tests. These listening sections include short dialogues between students, longer dialogues between a student and university staff, and some longer lectures on academic topics like psychology, history, and literature. This seminar is ideal for students who want to study abroad or simply want to improve their listening skills!


17.40-18.40 | Brian Birdsell | English Conversation and Vocabulary Practice | Online

In this seminar, the teacher will present students with various speaking activities. These activities will be similar to those found on the speaking section of tests like the Eiken, TOEIC S&W, and TOEFL tests. Other speaking activities may include discussing current event topics, coming up with solutions to a global problem, and describing local information to a foreigner. In addition, students will learn each week a set of idioms and/or phrasal verbs that will build up their vocabulary and ability to communicate more effectively in English.