Seminar – Thursday

12.00-13.00 | Megumi Tada | Let’s talk with Glee! 

We’ll look at the clips from the American TV series Glee! in class, and learn some English phrases/expressions from the drama. Let’s pretend to be the characters, and act out. Beginners are welcome!


14.30-15.30 | Joshua Lee Solomon | US History 

In this class, we will read about different periods in US history. Students will practice reading skills and learn about history and culture. While the class usually follows a textbook, students may request topics or discuss current events in the US as well.


16.00-17.00 | Joshua Lee Solomon | Talking about Local Culture | Online

In this class, we will use the English Lounge’s textbook “Tsugaru Life: English Through local topics” to introduce local culture from Hirosaki. Then, students will take turns talking about similar topics in their own hometowns. Students will learn how to introduce their local area by thinking about it like a tourist.


17.40-18.40 | Joshua Lee Solomon | Popular Music | Online

Students take control in this class. Each week they will choose an musical artist or group to learn about. We will read lyrics, listen to songs, and discuss music videos. Students will not only learn English, but media literacy and critical thinking skills.